1. USDA Prime McBeef

    Not to be racist or anything…. but find me a white guy that’s into the whole pissing on people thing.

  2. Johnny P!

    Grab your cock (or pussy) and wave it at audience.
    Watch how many people want to go down on it (raise yo’ hands!)

  3. This is the exact moment Skarsgard entered the same hemisphere as Akon.

  4. He must see Kim Kardashian in the 3rd row

  5. Kim Kardashian’s porn?

  6. Urvag

    Is that Pauly D in the middle?

  7. Jill

    You spelled R kelly wrong.

  8. never drink a gallon of iced tea before a concert.

  9. Frank Burns

    It must be that “get the fuck off the stage” in French sounds a lot like “spray us with water” in English.

  10. EricLr

    It’s always nice to see today’s leaders teaching our young black men financial and personal responsibility.

  11. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    There followed a five minute window in which any one who understood the jury system could have hit him with a bottle.

  12. bbiowa

    And it’s a 10-to-1 guy/girl ratio in the audience. Apparently chicks aren’t into the golden showers so much.

  13. El Jefe

    Pretty sure that is Ray J.

  14. Mike Walker

    Looks like some GLBT event. All the down-low bros are bursting out.

  15. 805fatty

    skeet so much, they call her billy ocean

  16. Isn’t that Little Richard framed between his legs?

  17. Bionic_Crouton

    R Kelly was “Trapped in the closet” a little too long.

  18. sitsdeep

    I am simply grossed out.

  19. Frunken

    Why do all the guys in this picture look more into it than the girls?

  20. PirateHunter

    One of my favorite people watching games is “European or Gay?” In this case I’m going with both for the better part of the audience.

  21. tlmck

    This is why you do not drink a keg right before a performance.

  22. Fingergod

    Move over, Peter North. There’s a new Cumshot King in town.

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