1. Cock Dr

    I agree with them…that Romney fellow is quite a good GOP joke.

  2. Tyler Perry

    I read they made the “kiss cam”

  3. Both totally stoned.

  4. Animal

    Biden’s caressing Obama’s shoe. Weird.

  5. I’m sure whatever they’re laughing about has nothing to do with Brazillian asses in tight shorts.

  6. “So then I told Roberts I’d get rid of the pictures! Pussy believed it!”

  7. Hugh Jazz


  8. Emma Watson's Vagina

    looks like the relationship of Clinton and Lewinsky all over again.

  9. Urvag

    So then I told Congress, go back to work and solve the billion dollar debt crisis…I’ve got a game to go to.

  10. Frank Burns

    “U.S. Senior Men’s National Team vs. Brazil during a pre-Olympic exhibition basketball game” – wow guys, great tickets.

  11. PennStateandJesus4Life

    The President and Jackie the Jokeman Martling.

  12. After November, they’ll both have a lot of time to go to basketball games together.

  13. Frank Burns

    “Hahaha, and then Cruise tries to convince people he’s dating this Olga chick from his movie.”

  14. EricLr

    Hey remember that time we got drunk and promised everyone we would close Guantanamo Bay and start respecting the 4th Amendment? *Shit* man, that was some good whiskey!

  15. j/k

    The President has waves in his hair. I would pay every penny I ever earn to see him in a wave cap in the White House.

  16. popwilleatitself

    A clear example of real teeth and fake teeth.

  17. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Fuckin boot polish! Fuckin boot polish! Bwahahaha!

  18. cc

    So are Romney’s undisclosed tax returns the best thing to happen to us this year or what? Heheheheh

  19. Contusion

    So here we are at an Olympic event…the only thing Mitt was good at running.

  20. Franka

    And… do you remember that time we secreted a Whoopie Cushion in Hillary Clinton’s chair before one of the Cabinet Meetings? DAMN! That was funny!!!

  21. Hugh Evers

    If he could hit a three he’d look just like me.

  22. Bionic_Crouton

    “That’ll be the day.Who ever heard of a Mormon president?”

  23. Vladmir

    Politics really is Hollywood for ugly people…

  24. sitsdeep

    they look happy

  25. JungleRed

    You know how old married couples start to look and dress alike?

  26. AndyDufresne

    God help us. People are struggling but they are having a great time.

  27. Brit

    He Barack, we’re a couple of swells. Well yes, Joe, yes indeed we are.

  28. Romney actually thinks he has a chance? LOL!

  29. savedatwins

    Keep smiling. One fucking word and I’ll slit your throat. I’ve done it before.

  30. AndyMayberry

    SO Travolta says to me I’ll give you $10k if I can massage your little Joe…

  31. squishy

    “I’m just going to fondle your sole for a second, don’t get mad ok!!

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