1. catapostrophe

    “This Slurpee be tastin’ GOOD, yo!”

  2. Tyler Perry

    Nope, still no dick down there.

  3. She’d be cuter if she let her hair grow out a bit more.

  4. Looks like one of the Go-Go’s.

  5. Sam Ronson has never looked more lesbian.

  6. Johnny P!

    America’s Got Talent.
    Canada’s Got Wanna-be-Gangsta Lesbians.

  7. Colin

    Almost offensively white, getting more feminine every day, grabbing his crotch and singing far too high for anyone claiming to have testicles… are we sure Michael Jackson hasn’t possessed him like Ike in that episode of South Park.

  8. Seriously, I’d have genetic testing done if i was him. Her. Whatever.

  9. She must really be lonely while Portia is off filming Arrested Development

  10. EricLr

    One day I’ll be a real boy!

  11. j/k

    KD Lang is looking good!

  12. C-C-c-c-c-c-C-CRABS!!!

  13. Abby Normal

    Suri, this is the guy responsible for you not getting that puppy. Now, focus your powers…

  14. vgrly

    And now Jerry Sandusky is sporting a woody somewhere in a jail cell.

  15. kimmykimkim

    Goddamnit, somebody kill this little shithead, please!

  16. More importantly why is there a Canadian at the America’s got talent studio in Australia?

  17. Mike

    Short of photoshopping Tom Cruise in the picture you couldn’t make it any gayer.

  18. El Jefe

    That Neutrogena cream is working wonders on Ellen, she is looking much younger these days.

  19. cc

    When they say ‘they drop’ they do not mean ‘fall off’…stop worrying.

  20. Mike Walker

    Continuing from the Anne Hathaway post… here’s an example of a girl who definitely needs longer hair. She looks way too dykey with the short back ‘n’ sides.

  21. Ollie

    “America’s Got Talent studio in Melbourne, Australia.”

    How many Americans go to that studio? Bit of a trek.

  22. Yasmin

    “Jesus Christ….it grew back!!”

  23. Franka

    My toy poodle’s more of a man than this, and she just whelped a bunch of puppies.

  24. America’s Got Talent? I’ve got your talent right here! No, wait, that’s my vagina.

  25. I actually thought this was another picture of Joanna Krupa. Go figure.

  26. box

    I’m glad Rihanna went back to her signature short hair.

  27. Frankie

    Should NOT have spent the night with Lohan

  28. sitsdeep

    does this photo mean when he sucks on the straw, with his hand on his wang, there is some sort of reaction?

  29. PirateHunter

    Samantha Ronson looks surprisingly vibrant.

  30. mbcl

    Wham : the next generation

  31. It’s supposed to be Australia’s Got Talent but somehow by correcting you it just makes it more wrong. Now get that Bieber out of our country!

  32. Brit

    Yeast infections do get a little itchy from time to time…

  33. tidbit

    Just lemme cinch up my camel toe here to get some press coverage.

  34. No joke, I clicked this picture and thought it was a chick …

  35. squishy

    She’s such a pretty lil thing…is the crotch scratching necessary?!?

  36. Lou Braccant


  37. I think he and Ellen Degeneres have the same swagger coach.

  38. harshfucker420

    I’d throw her the dick. Wait… what?

  39. Every time he sucks on a straw (or…something), he has to pinch off the end of his wiener or it whistles.

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