1. EricLR

    About 2 seconds away from doing the most career-destroying Asian impression ever…

  2. Sometimes a person’s name is just right.

  3. “Do the roosters have large talons?”

  4. I honestly have no idea why people find him to be so attractive. His face really freaks me out.

    • People find him attractive? He reminds me of Carrot Top for some reason. I’d much rather have the name Carrot Top than Benedict Cumberbatch.

  5. tlmck

    All people in this photo are actual size.

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    People in Japan are still watching Napoleon Dynamite?

  7. kirok

    Uh hhh, thut up Beavith

  8. Cock Dr

    The man has a wonderful voice but goddamn that low IQ doofus look just kills it for me.

  9. AnnaD.

    And this guy has legions of rabid fangirls at his command. Final proof that everything is fuckable if it’s famous.

  10. cc

    His father, remarkably enough, was Charles Dickens.

  11. He’s so funny looking in every photo I’ve ever seen of him, but then I saw Star Trek and I understood. Guy has some crazy presence, and combined with the voice .. yeah. I was won over.

    Still looks odd as fuck in photos, though.

  12. Vlad

    Cumberbatch prepping for his Orci/Kurtzman written, JJ Abrams directed remake of Napoleon Dynamite.

  13. Pippi Longcocking

    Cumberbatch and his Asian Cumberbitches.

  14. You could send some mediocre diesel mechanic to Japan and they would still go ape shit. When he gets this kind of reception elsewhere in the world maybe, just maybe, I’ll give a damn.

  15. I swear his eyes are just a little farther apart every time I see him. It’s like he’s slowly turning into a hammerhead shark.

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