1. EricLR

    It’s been 9063 days since your last decent role…yeah…

  2. Looks like Ellen Degeneres.

  3. alex

    Oh man, this one makes me sad. I can only see her as Pee-Wee’s first big (sexual) adventure.

  4. The long-term side-effects of eating Greek yogurt, they don’t tell you about.

  5. joe

    Looks like Ramada’s been downgraded to the Red Roof Inn.

  6. She needs to turn on the lights before she does her hair and makeup. Also olive oil is not a good foundation.

  7. We don’t need to guess what she had to do to get in the event, but the question is who she had to do it with?

  8. Gee-zus… that ain’t right.

  9. Yep, I thought this was Sharon Stone.

  10. King Doosher

    She is hotter than a lightning bolt regardless of anything. Anyone should take this over any of whatever is passing for Hollywood Generic blonde/brunette/whatever that other thing was.

  11. Still looks better than Charlie Sheen.

  12. Part of me says I wouldn’t, but I know that lying sonofabitch.

  13. canudigit

    Time……is unfortunately is great big motherfucker.

  14. Wrynoceros

    What do you do wIth an elephant with 3 balls? Let him unload in your hair apparently.

  15. Pinched and squeezed and hurt my eyes in 2013…

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