1. EricLR

    You’re 18, you say?

  2. Please tell me he isn’t slowly transforming into George Hamilton.

  3. Rabid1

    Stacy who?

  4. caley

    GC: “Aren’t I handsome?”
    guy in background: “I wish I was handsome…”

  5. maruli

    As he ages, he looks more and more like Dick Van Dyke

  6. cc

    ‘Hey, did they guy just say ‘cocktail waitress’?

  7. He senses a woman half his age with daddy issues and low self esteem.

  8. He’s already fucked 5 chicks hotter than Stacy Keibler in the time since their break-up.

  9. I just don’t see the appeal. Ick. He looks like he’d smell like stale cigars and Altoids.

  10. Andie

    He’s starting to look like Barry from storage wars.

  11. Hung Lo

    “Where the white women at?”

  12. sardonic

    What, me worry?

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