1. CrashHell

    This bounty hunter is my kind of scum. Fearless and inventive. $35000, no less…

  2. Holy crap! Is that thing even HUMAN?

  3. GLT

    Is she singing the national anthem, belching, or perhaps both?

  4. She’d probably be attractive if she lost 3,000 lbs.

  5. “You wouldn’t believe it. Nothing in there but books. Most of ‘em didn’t have pictures even. Weren’t no lube, whip-its, dildos, or nothing. I’m telling you folks, it’s the weirdest bookstore I’ve ever been in.”

  6. JJ

    Its too bad i can’t see the following pictures because she definitely tried to eat that microphone.

  7. Lay Off Me I’m Starving!

  8. Sheppy

    Insert cake.

  9. Kendra in 2015.

  10. Nonnie Moose

    Let me show you how a Kardashian would do it…

  11. I just saw this thing in Blade over the weekend

  12. tlmck

    The black microphone tried to get away but her grip was just too strong.

  13. Honey Boo Boo meets Orca.

  14. BigDaddy

    Is that Chaz?

  15. Cock Dr

    You know if she lost a ton of weight she’s be…..well, no, never mind.

  16. “Hay lapa no ya, Solo!”

  17. If they decide to bring back Jabba the Hut for the next Star Wars, look no further. A little body paint, or a lot, and she is good to go.

  18. HAHA!! She’s fat!!

  19. bEnDeR

    Is that a Cinnabon store? Like a whole store? Of just Cinnabons?Not just the like that little section at the end of the isle of Walmart next to the ho-ho’s and ding dings?

  20. Flippers clapped, waiting for fish.

  21. You know if she lost a ton of weight she’d be…..a ton.

  22. Her head looks like a big toe.

  23. Someone needs to tell her the national anthem does not begin with “Attention Walmart shoppers”.

  24. Pippi Longcocking

    Free Willy: The Opera.

  25. Silk purse, sow’s ear… I don’t think I need to say anything more.

  26. Is this really the first thing America needs to see when it wakes up in the morning?

  27. Andie

    Jesus. Why does this nasty woman always have that ‘I’m about to eat a deep-fried corndog’ look on her face. Gross.

  28. There is not a single picture of this woman with her mouth closed. She’s like the retarded version of Jaden Smith. Or, well, exactly like Jaden Smith.

  29. canudigit

    Ahh….ahh….ahhh……..can y’all move that ice cream truck out of my view? I caynt concentrate!

  30. Hung Lo

    Dammit, she deep fried the microphone and is gonna eat it !

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