1. EricLR

    Wow, a white trash meta joke. Don’t see many of those.

  2. joe

    Informal poll: In twenty years, Miley will be:

    1) Living a boring, mostly private life like Harrison Ford.
    2) A mom with kids that she pimps out a la the Kartrashian clan.
    3) Under a permanent conservatorship like Bertney.
    4) Coked up and crammed-full-o-diseases like Pam
    5) Washed up like Mischa
    6) Dead

    I lean toward 4, but Miley has so much damned money, she probably won’t have to whore herself out.

  3. Nonnie Moose

    Did she secretly get adopted by Kris Jenner?

  4. Unfortunately, more people asked the sign for it’s autograph.

  5. Since Joining Miley’s entourage, Don Rickles says he feels 30 years younger.

  6. white trash rihanna

  7. No way her kid will be that light-skinned.

  8. She looks reasonably hot here.

  9. #Justice4HoneyBooBoo

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