1. EricLR


  2. BP

    Is today’s theme “Fat Girls Can Also Become Celebrities”
    (this applies to June Shannon pic as well)

  3. Black Bastad, Sweden?

  4. Monsignor Nelson

    “Sieg Heil!”

  5. Mos

    Actually, she’s auditioning for a role as one of the Kaiju in Pacific Rim.

  6. That is one ballet I would not buy tickets for.

  7. “Grape Ape!, Grape Ape!”

    *note: the above is a reference to her outfit color choice and her hulking physique. Any racist thoughts are your own, and you should be ashamed

  8. Serena tried to mix things up during the match with an interpretive dance break.

  9. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    When exposed to a crowd of people it is unfamiliar with, the woman-hippo-lion has a tendency to swirl its mane, and stride purposefully & menacingly towards the nearest human target. Truly a sight to behold.

  10. “ok, one more time-when the guard pulls, sweep your forearm up, then hit the running back”

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