1. EricLR

    Good news, Cirque Du Soleil! We’ve found you a replacement!!

  2. lola

    she hyperextends her neck to prevent suffocating herself.

  3. JJ

    the curtains do not match the drapes

    • Yobub

      Doh! Curtains and drapes are the same thing. The expression is “The drapes don’t match the carpet” which means the hair (or eyebrows) don’t match the pubic hair.

  4. Now, all he has to do is lie back and I have the perfect angle…

  5. Mos

    I think she likes attention.

  6. The Ice-T blowjob machine?

  7. Cock Dr

    She DOES have talent!

  8. “And you’re sure this is how they taught you how to give a proper sponge bath in nursing school?”
    “Oh, I didn’t go to nursing school to learn how to scrub old naked men parts”.

  9. Not Pictured : Five rolls of 500lb test line anchored to two steel I-beams.

  10. After this demonstration,Coco was asked not to return to the hospital.

  11. rospo

    gravity must be killing her.

  12. Oh my god, she’s flexible too? Can she be any more perfect?

  13. Most people just put down a bucket when there’s a leak in the ceiling. CoCo isn’t most people.

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