1. She looks like what Britney would have looked like without all the crazy.

  2. “Sorry we don’t have a mic stand, Jamie, but the janitor who likes to sniff women’s hair was on hand to help you.”

  3. cc

    Looks like a pretty highbrow affair.

  4. Josephus

    Great framing by the photographer not to get the pole in the shot.

  5. Marketing Mike

    Please someone, explain perform to me?

  6. MelGibsonsSanity

    The first one of you willing to pay child support can bang me!

  7. Now I understand the universal appeal of Las Vegas. Who can possibly resist the allure of spending one’s limited, hard earned vacation time ensconced in luxurious, elegant surroundings, and the delight of enjoying high-end entertainment? This place looks like its more fun than greased pigs.

  8. I don’t know what she’s saying, but I’m betting it’s punctuated by a lot of ‘y’all’s.

  9. Marketing Mike

    When the MC of your show has magic marker sideburns,
    it’s a bad sign…

  10. “Watch yourself, Jamie. That left index finger has come out of its holster so he can check you for anal/vaginal warts when you’re done singing.”

  11. “Tell us how you ruined your career.”

  12. Natty Ice

    “Don’t forget! It’s 2 buckets of chicken and ribs for $12.99 night!”

  13. Really...?

    See the incredible speaking coherent Spears !

  14. donkeylicks

    I’m confused, did Guy Fieri finally stopped bleaching his hair or did he grow it out and shave his beard?

  15. donkeylicks

    Sorry, I’m on the sauce. I meant stop.

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