1. MisterSHO

    Her boobs are in the wrong place.

  2. What’s smaller than an A-cup? If we measured bras in ASCII, she’d be an @ cup.

    You nerds know what I’m talking about. high five!

  3. MelGibsonsSanity

    Life: Why put any effort into it at all?

  4. I’d take her anytime, anywhere. HUBBA HUBBA. she’s got an ass that NEVER quits. you can have the fake tits – GIMMIE GIMMIE SOME WHITNEY

  5. When you’re this small, fuck bras.

  6. Johnny Barbells

    …eh, you know, you think you would, but then, when it came down to it, you really would’nt.

  7. “Shit! 14:59, and I’m jogging in West Hollywood! Well, at least sleeping with Chelsea paid off for a while…”

  8. She actually might be watchable if she got implants.

  9. A woman with no tits can make up for it in a multitude of other fun ways.



  11. HITLER

    unfunny cunt.

    PS I LOVE KIDZ!!!!!!!

  12. harsky & starch

    She’s kinda hot. I’d hit that HARD!

  13. There are no ugly women. Some are just more beautiful than others. Wait! There are only a couple of ugly women. Some are just…Wait! There are just a few…Ah fuck it! There are plenty of ugly women, but this angel isn’t one of them.

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