1. Words cannot express the joy of Dinklage on a scooter.

  2. Cock Dr

    I feel better now. Dinklage does that.

  3. “I never want to die…
    Born to be the size of a child”

  4. satan'srighthand74

    They see me rollin’
    They hatin’

  5. Flatliner

    Best. Photo. Ever.

  6. cc

    I doubt there’s a little person in this world who gives less of a shit about being a little person.

  7. “I’m gonna go for a little ride.”

  8. MelGibsonsSanity

    I once saw a picture of a puppy licking a kitten on top of a baby elephant. And it still wasn’t as cute as this.

  9. Little man on a little scooter with a little bag of little cookies and all is right.

  10. I hope Mr. Dinklage wins an Emmy Award this year.

  11. Odbarc

    A scooter or a midget?

  12. byron821

    “I got me a Harley, bitches!!”

  13. This should be the new banner photo

  14. LMAO, he really has to be trolling us at this point. This picture is phenomenal.

  15. I can only describe how I feel as “thrilled”. It really should be the banner. If not permanently, at least do it on Facebook for a day.

  16. Little Tongue

    “Nice hog, bro.”

  17. “It’s Lil Zed’s.”
    “Who’s Lil Zed?”
    “Lil Zed’s dead, baby. Lil Zed’s dead.”

  18. PassingTrue

    Buddy was right. He is a mean elf.

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