1. The movie may be “I wish I was here” but what she’s thinking is “I wish I wasn’t here”

  2. No Smoking by choice

    For someone who smokes 3+ packs a day she looks ok,
    but I’m just not into kissing 40+ year old ashtrays.

    • o'chunt

      Yeah, I’ve done that. Not pleasant in the slightest. A bonerkiller, to be honest.

    • I dated a heavy smoker. Never again. I’d rather they smoke pot than have to deal with that cigarette-smoke-in-beard-and-clothes-and-skin stench. Ugh.

      She does look good for such a heavy smoker though. But then, she has the money to counteract a lot of it.

      • Marketing Mike

        Back in the 90′s (a long time ago) I dated a college girl
        who was drop dead beautiful, and smoked like Kate.
        She was a really nice person too, sexy and fun. But…
        Every, single, free moment was spent lighting up.

      • So is there a payoff to this story, wise guy, or am I just sitting here with my amyl poppers and my pants off for no good reason?

      • Marketing Mike

        Sure, the payoff is this…
        We dated for 3 months and I took her out for dinner
        on my birthday to Granita’s (formerly in Malibu).
        I had a Corvette, and I made her promise not to
        smoke in it! She had a couple of glasses of wine
        at dinner, and then smoked 7 cigarettes in my car
        on the way home, completely ignoring my requests.
        That was it for me, my last “smoking” girlfriend… loll

      • Well I just came, sorry you didn’t Mike


      • Johnny Barbells

        RE: all of the above… awesome.

  3. MelGibsonsSanity

    You know you’re at the absolute bottom of the gossip food chain when you get sent to cover this red carpet.

  4. cc

    Someone really threw down the gauntlet busting out that microphone didn’t they?

    Looks like she’s game though.

  5. Heywood Jablomie

    She has her Mom’s hands.

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