1. renotastic

    When did she contract Bieberitis?!

  2. Now, someone please. Anyone with deep insight into men’s minds, please tell me why this gem is single.

  3. Robb7

    Mommy & Me outfits are so cool!

  4. cc

    Well at least her mom knows how to tie shoelaces

  5. MarketingMike

    Every time I see her, I’m reminded of my ex-wife.

  6. “Hey guys, have you seen Conquest and Famine around? We’ve been waiting for those two for awhile now…”

  7. MelGibsonsSanity

    After 20 minutes of complaining to the cab driver that Katerine SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED THAT FRESH ROSES BE PLACED IN THE BACK SEAT *BEFORE* PICKUP!!!

  8. “I’m a total DELIGHT, you asshole!!!”

  9. When you look up the word “bitch” in the dictionary, you’ll see this picture.

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