1. cc

    Thought bubble over the dog’s head ‘Please let me sniff that butt, please let me sniff that butt’

  2. j/k

    Their entire wardrobes are made of Lycra.

  3. Keno

    “Shit, it looks half the size in these pants…”

  4. MarketingMike

    Gee, Imagine how “blown up” he’d be if he did ‘roids.

  5. Ummm, compensating for something, Dave?

  6. Seriously, every time I see this guy with what is deemed as a boner, all I’m thinking is “maybe I have a chance!”

  7. fuck that’s a nice set of tits. Her’s are not bad either.

  8. If you don’t want people to know you use steroids, quit shooting paranoid glances at your junk to check if it’s shrinking.

  9. anonym

    He checks himself out more than he checks her out.

    That is sad.

  10. If you no longer naturally hold your arms against your sides when you walk, it’s too much.

    Unless you think walking like a gorilla is attractive.

    *awaits downvotes from the token Sup meatheads*

  11. The Alan Parsons Prostate

    When your six-pack has a mustache, it’s time to stop the HGH.

  12. That’s the “Honey, wait up!” walk of someone who knows they’re being outpeacocked.

  13. “Babe, you missed a spot with the posing oil”

  14. “Damn, I definitely need to do something to make my wiener look bigger…”

  15. The lovely creature on the right has a bit of a camel-toe. Huzzah!!!

  16. CanadiaDan

    “Hey babe, do you think your breast guy does calf implants too?”

  17. I don’t see anybody but Kelly in this picture.

  18. Wait so I am the first to mention the obvious camel toe….
    For shame superficial posters for shame :)

  19. Pretty sure that girl ate Kelly Brook.

  20. Cletus

    Wow… her hips are as wide as his shoulders.

  21. That guy is either totally fascinated by his own package or he’s trying to concentrate on the process of walking.

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