1. Josephus

    Miranda was down for it, but Carrie came up just a little short.

    (Look carefully guys. Come on!!)

  2. cc

    Miranda Lambert would look better without the horror movie make up.

  3. Miranda Lambert actually looks like she’s getting mugshot taken, but Carrie looks like she’s trying to model that belt.

  4. Derek

    To quote a wise man…”The things i would eat out of their ass”

  5. 69. Keep the change you filthy animal.

  6. The anal retentive in me just wants to scream ‘you’re not 6’9!’.


  7. Swearin

    I could understand Carrie Underwood being arrested for that horrible Sound of Music

  8. There’s something about Carrie Underwood that I just don’t like. I don’t know what it is.

  9. One has a cute face and nice ass and the other has nice tits, let the weird science Frankenstein’s monsters experiments begin….

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