1. “Now Kendall, Don’t you dare flinch when the urine stream hits you or I swear to my whorishness that I will feed you to Rob!!”

  2. cc

    ‘I want people to admire me for my intelligence’

    ‘Something no Kardashian has ever uttered, Alex’

  3. j/k

    The industry term is Bottom Bitch.

  4. Marketing Mike

    Fuck, it’s Michael Jackson with Tits!

  5. ‘Always thought ads for escort service were supposed to attract customers, not repel them… guess I was wrong.

  6. MelGibsonsSanity

    Just relax and let Uncle Terry do what he needs to do.

  7. Dave

    I remember seeing this in one of brothel shop window’s when I was in Amsterdam.

  8. anonym

    I’m tired of seeing this bitch’s face and her butt chin.

    What’s her appeal? the fact that she’s barely legal or some shit?
    Her face isn’t even sexy

  9. It’s trying so hard to be sexy, but just .. isn’t.

  10. Jade

    Is this one legal yet?

  11. Would. Fuck. Silly.

  12. Soon they shall all have to fight because there can only be one!!!
    let the whoring begin!!!!

  13. Swearin

    Ha, you can’t tempt me with your barely legal escorts.

    Why am I dialing a number in Calabasas?….oh, no. Nooooo!

  14. I would pound that pussy into a fine powder

  15. Robb7

    She has that vacant Kardashian stare which translates to “I’m dumber than dirt! — wanna fuck me?!!”

  16. J-Dizzle

    Hey look, Ralph Macchio Instagrammed a picture of him in drag during the Karate Kid years.

  17. Ummmm… didn’t Seinfeld do an episode about a girl like this? Hot as hell in a certain kind of light, monster/hideous-beast mode in another?

    Seriously, you tell me what she’s wearing, I’d run to the Internet with my fapper ready. You show me a pic of this and my 7-hour-consult-a-doctor-erection is cured!

  18. I’m expecting her to spin around, grab her crotch and say “Hee-hee”

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