1. “Reducio!”

  2. now which one of these people was Daniel Radcliffe happy to see?

  3. I told you they should have recast Hermoine.

  4. The Pope of Cleveland

    He told her he was the ginger kid in the movie.

  5. Hope they had some of those kiddie booster seats.

  6. dude!

    Big shoes for a small guy . . . Maybe he is well endowed or something. He usually plays a d!ck after all . . .

  7. Heez Magnif

    *whispers under-breath* “Bitch, I told you to wear flats, You’ve made me look like a fool!”

  8. Deacon Jones

    Info on this chick???

  9. LJ

    Why are they wearing the same tie in different colors? Please tell me they didn’t come dressed in the uniform of their favorite Hogwarts house…

  10. Vinny Chase

    Damn, Baby Gap sells some sweet threads!

  11. Old Man

    This is basically a snapshot of every strip club I’ve ever been to.

  12. ad nasuem

    Actually I think he portrayed Dobby better than the other actors that tried before him.

  13. MrsWrong

    Thats nice of him to escort the Harry Potter Midget Fan Club president to the premiere

  14. Must be 42″ high to be at this premier.

  15. ChickenHawk

    Stoopid Monkee!!

  16. Squishy

    You go Green!!

  17. TomFrank

    Wow, he goes to The Brearley School to get a date, and she’s still taller than he is.

  18. Sin

    If he is banging this, he is one lucky little bastard.

  19. Deryn

    I DIG short guys who don’t mind (or prefer) women who wear heels. OWN IT. Plus, he’s cute. Plus, he’s funny. Plus, he’s rich.

  20. i dont trust gingers, i never will.
    sieg heil!

  21. cutthecrap

    the more I look at her, the less convinced I am that she is a woman

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