1. Alison

    Weird, I was just watching Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

  2. Weird, I was just watching my grandmother naked.

  3. whiskeyafternoon

    good lord, please tell me she’s just there fetching coffee. do. not. want.

  4. It’s just so hard being me…

  5. GuyLeDouche

    If she’s on the show they need to call it Caliabstinence.

  6. Did she go lesbo or was that Jodi Foster? I get those pointy faced girls mixed up.

  7. Lemmiwinks

    Is Californication doing an episode about menopause? Last time I saw her she was sporting a serious mustache.

  8. I’m assuming that she is in the series finale, curing David Duchovny of his sex addiction once and for all.

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