1. Eddie


    Unless this guy has a weener the size of the Golden Gate Bridge, then this is a downgrade for her.

    This guy hit the jackpot though.

  2. BB

    He’s worth $2 billion…

  3. Richard McBeef

    Sweet. Now I know that I’ve got the looks tap SI swimsuit ass. Halfway there, now I just need a massive fortune.

  4. Jack

    Probably wondering what she’s doing with the guy with a six-head.

  5. whiskeyafternoon

    her vibrator is prettier than that, and definitely a better lay. dumb move, Bar.

  6. SSHGuru

    His chin could be used for a doorstop.

  7. Cock Dr

    Bar wants yachts & parties & a glamorous international lifestyle and she must know the clock is ticking. I think her boyfriending tactic is a fine one.

  8. ad nasuem

    She is only with this guy because she is convinced that he and this world are in fact not the real world. She is using him to make DiCaprio jealous so they can both jump out a window together.

  9. Judging by his appearance, I’d be willing to bet his entire fortune that that is a wife-beater he’s wearing under his checkered shirt.

  10. Squishy

    Ugh…he has a bum crack chin…Ugh

  11. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    Tel Aviv? Two words, MILITARY SERVICE

  12. Evelyn

    Why is she going out in her nighty? Is he too cheap to buy her some real clothes, or she just wants us all to know that she is sleeping with this guy with the giant ears for his money.

  13. Venom

    Aaah, you can’t keep a good golddigger down.
    She is a Jew, and a Jew from Israel, which makes her the super queen, lord empress of golddiggers.
    She is probably pregnant already with a little golden ticket.

  14. The Most Interesting

    Him: “I wonder if she’ll put out?”
    Bar: “Dude, I’m wearing a fucking nighty!”

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