1. bing

    Who the fuck is this ?

  2. Sheppy

    Yes please :)

  3. Damn. Hot girl, but when I saw her name I thought I was reading the phone book in Seoul.

  4. taz

    You’ll definitely want more in an hour

  5. Blech

    The shape of her head… It reminds me of…


  6. Richard McBeef

    i ordered her on the internet like a week ago but I guess she hasn’t shipped yet.

  7. Looks like she’s been dumpster diving behind Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Love Hewitts house…whichever one finally threw out that dress.

    • Richard McBeef

      I can see some frayed threads on the backside from extreme pressures. So that’s definitely Ki…. I mean, that’s Jen… yeah, it’s one of the two.

    • cutthecrap

      Thanks McFeely, I appreciate your attention to detail… I swear to God, if I see that TJ Maxx dress again, I’m gonna go apeshit

  8. Deacon Jones

    And she’s famous for…

    1. Sextape?
    2. Banging some black dude?
    3. Being in rap video?

    Now seriously, which one is it.

  9. Fug face id like to rough

    Nah this cant be. Its just the angle. Its gotta be…

    • glam

      Yea google her! Her ass is small! AND she has NO hip or waist!! But she always pokes her ass out cause like I said she thinks she is the asian kim k *vomit*

  10. MrsWrong

    Oh good, now there’s an asian one. The Asses of Benneton. Coco, KimK, J.Lo, This one(can we call her KimChee for fun-zies?). Pick a black one and we’ll have a full set. I’d say Serena but she’s gross and her name doesn’t end in -o or have a “k” sound.

  11. tlmck

    She has an impressive resume’ on IMDB. Her expertise seems to be non-speaking roles.

  12. Squishy

    Everyone has to be a freakin Kardashian…whatever happened to the Jones’s??

  13. “Hey Round Eye, you pee on me and make me famous?”

  14. Sin

    So, how much for one hour with this Vietnamese whore?

    • tiger

      Hey ignorant ass she’s Korean not Vietnamese. On a second note, I automatically read her name as KIM CHI.

    • tiger

      Shit I take that back. She is mixed French/Viet. She must have changed her last name for hollywood because Lee is usually Korean or Chinese my bad.

  15. Bubbagump

    Sucky sucky, $5! You pay, you pay now.

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