1. Here you see Kim Kardashian attempting to return the hammock she bought… Only a small piece survived but she hoped it would be enough to get a refund….

  2. Sheppy

    Eh, naa, you’re good.

  3. Hugh Gentry

    she looks ridiculous.

  4. her body may be in L.A. but her ass is at the premiere of the new Harry Potter movie in NYC.

  5. I wonder if Kim Kardashian knows that Kim Lee is coming to steal all of her internet traffic.

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Putting the Elephant in Irrelevant

  7. GeorgeWBush

    Can someone please change her diaper!?

  8. Holy shit, I’m more nervous for that SUV than if it were a shopping car rolling that close to it.

  9. Lion O

    Yuck Lardassian

  10. dude!

    What is it with this woman? There are always pictures posted here. At a doctor’s office yesterday, I looked at about 5 “Us” mags, and yes, she was in every damned one, sometimes multiple times. Damn. Am I the only one who is having “big assed woman fatigue?”

  11. Jack

    Even her bag spooges when it sees that ass.

  12. kelce

    The workout clothes must be a prop. She can’t be working out with the way her figure is going.

  13. Tad Bit Tipsy

    I feel sorry for those Sketchers.

  14. I wonder how many times she’s slammed the door on her own ass.

  15. I’ve got a booger on my finger, and I can’t shake it off!

  16. I’ve got a booger on my finger, and I can’t shake it off.

  17. I still say those 5MPH bumpers are overkill.

  18. asshole

    Please speed up red car!

  19. ChickenHawk

    Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!

  20. Squishy

    2nd Trimester??

  21. It’s nice to see that she recycles by making purses out what is left of her previous day’s outfits.

  22. Sin

    She is the cause for the decline in the RainForest. How much TP would it take to wipe an ass that big?

    Oh, sorry. Forgot she is Armenian. They do not wipe there ass after they shit. They just turn the big piles of shit into another reality show.

  23. J

    Those Sketchers were Shapeups when she put them on…

  24. Lindsay

    There’s absolutely no way that ass is real. no. freakin. way. It’s too.. disfiguring to be natural.

  25. Deryn

    Did she get upper arm implants, too?

  26. NTT

    She’s a size 2 huh?

  27. still wearing those ridiculous ass pads……

  28. bearandbu

    She’s known as the American kim Kardashian.

  29. Ed

    nucking fasty.

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