1. I think Pippa has a better ass than Melanie.

  2. Matt Lauer

    Hey, isn’t that Arnold’s maid? I’m glad she’s back on her feet.

  3. I’m honestly not sure which one is Melanie.

  4. catapostrophe

    Melanie Griffith doesn’t believe in artificial flowers?

  5. I wont lie, she looks good in this photo

  6. Just goes to show, a good pair of pants will make even a corpses ass look good. Or Pippa Middleton’s for that matter.

  7. Buddy The Elf

    “I’ll take a few of those Coca plants, 3 pots of the Wowee – and is it true that you can use the pulp of a cactus as a lip filler?”

  8. El Jefe

    I kinda sort of would think really hard about it.

  9. concentrate on the boots and we can get through this together

  10. Never really thought Melanie Griffith was all that, but now that I see her as a brunette…”

  11. mbcl

    she’s buying a funeral arrangement for her dad Andy Griffith.

  12. Crissy

    “Fucking puta, call me Mexican one more time!”…

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