1. USDA Prime McBeef


    Where’s Cock Doctor? I haven’t seen her around since she got into TomFrank’s windowless van.

    Hold the fuck on TF… You said we were planting a tree. You said we were digging that hole to plant a tree.

  2. That car can do 0-60 in 3.1 seconds (without her in it).

  3. j/k

    Her ass makes a Lamborghini look narrow.

  4. Raoul

    Since when do Lamborghinis have bench seats up front?

  5. Are those the new Kim Kardashian Ass tires?

  6. Frank The Duck

    Tell your Fortune? Your ass is going to outlast you by several millenia,,,,

  7. It’s time for a diaper change.

  8. vgrly

    She makes me feel great about my body.

  9. Moo muthaf*cka Moo!

    Who new Lambo made a one ton chassis?

  10. popwilleatitself

    More curves, less rolls, please.

  11. Contusion

    Kim: “Do these pants make my ass look big?”
    Kanye: “Depends.”

  12. Nothanks.

    I’d tap…Oh. ( insert grossed out face here) Never mind.

  13. Jack

    “Please, Batman! I’ll let you pee your dark justice all over me, and I’ll be famous once again!”

  14. RobN

    She didn’t even need gas, she just stopped cause she likes the nozzle.

  15. Buddy The Elf

    What no Photoshop?

  16. El Jefe

    Fucking disgrace that piles of shit like this are the ones that can afford cars like that.

    • cc

      My thoughts exactly…the fact she drives a new Aventador makes me puke. With any luck, she’ll kill herself in it.

  17. lily

    disgusting human being, inside and out

  18. georgiagirl515

    I don’t always pump my own gas…
    …but when I do, I make sure every paparazzi around can get a shot of my ass.

  19. nikki

    even her ass has an ass…LOOK!!

  20. kimmykimkim


  21. Bionic_Crouton

    She drives, but her Ass rides shotgun.

  22. Bionic_Crouton

    So that’s the car you drive when you have no talent and a sex tape.

  23. sousvide

    are those pockets or expandable flaps?

  24. even her ass is aware that it needs bigger pants. and that’s scary when the ass starts thinking for itself.

  25. I still blame Sisquo. She got dumps like a truck (truck, truck) sounded good in theory, but reality has proven otherwise…

  26. Kojak

    Put a bell on her neck!

  27. tlmck

    I still do not understand the success of the Kardashians. I thought there were laws against taking advantage of the simple minded(their fans).

  28. Bet that car smells like Axe body spray.

  29. I’m not a fan of Kim Kardashian or any of her family. But it astounds me that people in this forum say things like she is a disgusting human being, a piece of shit, etc.

    On the other hand, who else has the right to call the kettle black except the pot?

  30. O'chunt

    That Lambo’s got reeeeeally wide tires.

  31. And my bruv Ali G said, “Look at the size of her! HEY FATTY BOOM BOOM, does fatty want another cream cake, BOOOIING, BOOOIING.” Then he smashed it when Kanye whimpered in the corner…


  33. squishy

    Hunny fix the Spanx on your left thigh…

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