1. Je Me Suis Fait Tout Petit

    Roughly translates to “Not enough teeth”

  2. broduh jenner

    johnny depp said in an interview that he fell in love with her the minute he saw her elegant back from across the room. this picture leads me to believe that he did not see her face.

  3. j/k

    Even the French are making zombie movies.

  4. rantatonne

    I was going to say she looks like a faces of meth picture of the Olsen twins, but remembered that they already are the faces of meth picture of the Olsen twins.

  5. Joaquin ingles

    No wonder Johnny Depp is so comfortable doing those Burton movies.

  6. Ah, but just think of all the money she’s saving by not having any reason whatsoever to buy dental floss.

  7. That reminds me. I have a picket fence that needs repairing.

  8. Urvag

    Does she floss with yarn?

  9. She gives great tooth.

  10. bethy

    Doesn’t she know she could make like $10 on those baby teeth?

  11. alex

    Is she the illegitimate daughter of Lawrence Fishburne?

  12. Anyone else ever noticed you never see her and “The Crypt Keeper” in the same room??

  13. The same country that found Jerry Lewis to be a comic genius, found her to be beautiful.

  14. Lawrence

    Do yourselves a favor people — shut up and go watch Girl on the Bridge. If you still want to talk smack you can at least rest certain that you have horrible, horrible taste in women.

  15. ohellno

    I’m *telling* you she is Madonna & Sandra Bernhard’s love child.

  16. [img]http://www.thesuperficial.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/10/1339604779167-340_425.jpg[/img]

  17. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    She’s trying to be brave, and fair play to her, but whenever she speaks it’s like she’s whistling past a graveyard

  18. I saw a pizza delivery guy try this once. He ate one slice of our pizza and tried to space the rest out to make it look like it was still whole…but pizzas don’t have gaps between the slices.

  19. She will NEVER have a problem flossing.

  20. The Pope

    So Johnny Depp is either farsighted, or just plain blind. Thats what I get from this.

  21. Contusion

    This reminds me of when you go down to Mexico and the little kids all ask you if you want to buy some Chiclets.

  22. tlmck

    Mind the gap.

  23. Mickey01232000

    The last time I saw her was during football season. David Akers of the 49ers was practicing extra points between her teeth!

  24. That was a lob

    Summer teeth.
    Some are here, some are there.

  25. RobN

    There’s a corn on the cob joke here somewhere.

  26. Buddy The Elf

    Avast me mateys.

  27. Heffe

    It goes to show that all the money in the world can’t make you attractive when your diet consists of methamphetamines and UVB rays. Just ask Donatella Versace.

  28. El Jefe

    OMG imagine that mouth about to go down on your dick. Shudder.

  29. Bionic_Crouton

    …When she walks into a room all the guys would flock around her…to open their beer bottles.

  30. I wanna play them like a tiny little sad xylophone

  31. mbcl

    she’s obviously anti-dentite

  32. rican

    SEE?! That’s what happens when you floss with rope.

  33. Urall Fhags

    I’m going to be classier than all you bitches by not posting about her damn teeth. See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Ah shit…

  34. Quijibo


  35. Comment dites vous “methamphetamine”?

  36. “I don’t need him, I can be thuckthethful too!”

  37. Now we know where New Republic got the teeth they photo-shopped onto Kate’s picture.

  38. Partika

    Wow, I’ve never seen drive-through teeth before.

  39. Pine Table Fever

    This is what Lohan looks like when you let the air out.

  40. By_Mennon

    Now I just have to find some batteries…

  41. Proper

    Faces of meth: Emma Stone

  42. puddleduck

    If she were to shoot water out of her mouth, she would look like the Belagio fountains.

  43. Colonel Angus

    Wanna see my other quarter slot?

  44. squishy

    This, boys & girls, is what happens when you over-floss!!!

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