1. Hedgehog doesn’t need a sharpie to write shit above a woman’s boobs.

  2. Short Round

    Now you’re just fucking with me, Photo Boy! Aren’t you?

  3. Glad to see Courtney’s a fan of the Hedgehog.

  4. How bad of a father do you have to be to have your daughter end up getting her boob signed by Ron Jeremy in a bar in West Hollywood?

  5. A Realist

    “Now remember, I was promised a meatball parm sub in exchange for this…”

  6. Who wouldn’t want their tit signed by him? He’s a legend.

  7. Vlad

    Autograph? No, this isn’t a marker, it’s an epi-pen…you’ll need to see a doctor soon for what I infected you with just by breathing the same air as me.

  8. Has anyone ever explained the concept of hygiene to this guy?

  9. samizdat

    DBA Nightclub: Death By Aids?

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