1. Looks like the party life has caught up with Ms. Hilton. Her Jimmy Choos have “L” and “R” on them, too.

  2. She may be 56, but she has the arms of an 80 year old.

  3. Jim

    I always wondered what happened to the Crypt Keeper.

  4. This is actually Paris Hilton after exposure to Madonna.

  5. “When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good you will not, hmmm? mmmm.”

    Yeah I’m an asshole for that joke. She still looks better than most women half her age.

  6. Hasn’t Paris been through enough.

  7. Meanwhile, Paris has a shirt that says Sharon… Coincidence?

  8. That’s one hell of a C-section scar. On her arm. For someone who didn’t have kids.

  9. Swearin


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