1. dontkillthemessenger

    At this age, her blood type must be sand.

  2. Three parts Chardonnay, two parts Botox, just like I like it.

  3. Short Round

    Not ready to write her new book ‘Ugly people I met at a book signing’ Joan Rivers arrived drunk… and started bitching about the ugly people.

  4. Jesus – What do her eyes look like when they are closed??

  5. Is the wine vinegary or does she always look like that?

  6. I’d hit it just see if she would survive

  7. Joan Rivers

    “My doctor asked for a urine sample.
    I said ‘Sure, as soon I get back from this Barnes & Noble event.’”

  8. A Realist

    This is the exact same face I made when viewing those Kathy Griffin nude pics.

  9. T

    The Guinness Book of Records lists this as the precise moment when the TRIPLE record of:
    1) Greatest age diffference between insulter/insultee
    2) Greatest difference in universal appeal
    3) Greatest number of MEN to faint from shock
    When Ms. Rivers directed her old standby,
    “God, your an ugly little cunt!”
    To a one week old baby girl in her father’s arms.

  10. JimBB

    Is this the part where she gets drunk and starts apologizing to everyone for her bitch daughter?

  11. Stinky

    I love the taste of urine in the morning.

  12. Love this crazy old bitch.

  13. Tonight on Punk’d, we secretly replaced Joan Rivers with an abusive Korean Muppet…Lets see how people react.

  14. 99/100ths in the bag.

  15. I’m not mad at Joan. She’s one of the last of the true shit talkers from the golden age and is doing it her way.

  16. “How DARE you people spread the rumor that I’m sloshed on white wine. I’ll have you know that this is ice cold vodka with a few drops of lime juice. Fuckin’ a-holes…”

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