1. Polk

    Lol. I mean, being close to money and fame is nice, but that hot chick sure is finding it the hardest way possible.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Their love affair is a simple one. He loves her beauty and she loves that Ozzy will kick the bucket any day now and inheritance time will commence.

  3. It’s especially sad when a celebrity tries to steal another celebrity’s style and can’t pull it off. This guy is just robbin’ thick.

  4. Joe Blow

    Shooter McGavin always gets the ladies.

  5. buzz

    LOL @ her shame for being with Jack Osbourne.

  6. you are an asshat

    Peter Griffin chin

  7. He looks like he is taking her to a photo shoot to participate in some classy nudes with slight to moderate penetration.

  8. No chance this chick is a fame whore.

  9. JimBB

    If he weren’t the son of someone with some actual talent, this guy who be hanging out in truckstops all day looking to score meth.

  10. You’re batting way above your level there, Jack. It’s amazing what money can do.

  11. WhoWhatWhenWhereWhiteBoy

    Holy shit. Chaz Bono is a lady killer.

  12. I hope Robin Thicke’s wife takes him back soon. This is getting heavy.

  13. I suspect the main thing she’s attracted to is his haircut.

  14. Slappy Magoo

    Jack Osborne IS Patton Oswalt IN The Terry Richardson Story.

  15. Voice of Reisling

    Satin Oswalt.

  16. She really looks embarrassed.

  17. Holy shit! I guess Ricky finally did manage to sell all the dope and move out of the trailer park once and for all.

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