1. She likes milk from hairy balls. I love her.

  2. Polk


  3. Jim

    On the stroll?

  4. + She likes nut juice.

  5. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    Just wait … KYLIE JENNER is going to show her by LICKING SOME BIG, BLACK BALLS …

    … the video of the same TITLE can be pre-ordered NOW on the Vivid website (release date: August 10, 2015)

  6. I’d acquit her for murdering Veronika any time.

  7. I love girls who love nut juice.

  8. Many people who grew up in the tropics consider the coconut water a waste product, and dump that shit onto the side of the road when cracking them open. But y all means, pay $5 for that shit and throw away the good part.

    • I live in a tropical country and coconut water is very valuable here. People sell it on the street like hot dogs in America. The supermarket has it in bottles for $15. And that’s a small bottle. The large on is somewhere around $40.

      It’s pretty nutritious too. Lots of iron.

      • I don’t mean they don’t sell it .. tourists will pay a lot for it. I just meant a lot of the locals don’t drink it themselves. My ex boyfriend and one of my best friends are both Bajan, and every time we went to Barbados, the locals (market locals, not high-end companies and grocery stores that bottle it and shit) would dump the water. When I asked about it, I was told that it was considered waste, and that the meat was the only part they would eat. It always reminded me of Futurama …

        Elzar: Here you are, big spender. Foie gras and caviar.
        Dr. Zoidberg: [sniffs it] Goose liver? Fish eggs? Feh! Where’s the goose? Where’s the fish?
        Elzar: Hey, that’s what rich people eat, the garbage parts of the food.

      • Kay

        They also consider flounder a “garbage fish” and won’t eat that either.

  9. I wanna eat her up. Where the hell is my spoon?

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