1. dontkillthemessenger

    He must’ve been reaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllly horny.

    • JC

      All snark aside, I think she’s held up really well. I’m also convinced that easy access can be as much as 80% of attraction.

      • She didn’t look bad at 21 and it’s pretty hard to turn down a blow job. Hell I’d let her blow me now.

      • Rico Jones

        I agree. She looks better today than she did back in the 90′s. I’d definitely hit that. It always bothered me that her life was pretty much destroyed but the Clinton’s went on to become even more powerful than they were. That seems to bee how it goes. The male politicians say they are sorry and all is forgiven but the mistresses are forever ruined.

      • She made the choice to fuck around with a married man. And not just any married man, the POTUS. What did she think was going to happen? That she was going to become the next Marilyn Munroe? Marilyn was already a huge star when she hooked up with JFK.

        There was nothing good that would’ve come from hooking up with the married POTUS.

      • ‘She made the choice to fuck around with a married man.’


      • dennis

        She looks much better now. She was chunky back in her White House days. Looks like she lost the weight but kept the tits.

  2. It’s not a flower. It’s a target.

  3. Joe Blow

    Anybody got a light?

  4. “Ummmmm…you’ve got a little something on your dress there.”

  5. People kept walking up to her an saying “this party blows, get it?”

  6. Bill Clinton's penis

    I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELA … oh, wait a minute…

    never mind

  7. I would unleash those funbags and never look up.

  8. I’m guessing those White House hallways were PRETTY DARK back in the day.

  9. Thanks to Bill Clinton, her entire life is reduced to a single joke on an endless Groundhog Day-like loop.

    Well, life isn’t fair.

    Did I mention I despise the Clintons? It was Clinton who got rid of Glass-Steagall, which led to the Great Depression of 2009 (and yes, that’s what this is, a depression). You Americans have got rocks in your head if you allow him or his clueless wife within a thousand metres of the White House again.

  10. She lost weight. Must be the lack of protein shots.

  11. The most famous blowjob in history.

  12. Little Tongue

    Wonder who’s gonna come on that dress.

  13. Little Tongue

    You think that you see a yellow flower, pinned on that dress? Well, think again! It’s actually a political statement, straight from some peace activist’s balls. SPLOOSH!

  14. wow

    So if you leave a semen stain on for years without washing it off, it turns into a flower? How beautiful life is.

  15. OMG…I see Monica used that flower to cover up my cum stain. I don’t know why ‘cuz I couldn’t cause her any harm. I’m actually “Marvin Mediocre, Boy Nothing.”

  16. I always thought she was kind of a Semitic cutie, in a way, and I’d let her suck my dick any old time.

  17. Slappy Magoo



  18. I’ll take Bill’s sloppy seconds

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