1. Pablo

    “You’re faithful to mum aren’t you?”

  2. Great White Pygmy

    You were joking about your will right?

  3. Joe Blow

    “They named a town in Missouri after me, you know.”

    “I don’t think….”

    “BAH-HAHAHAHA!!! Missouri!”

  4. “Only have to pretend he’s funny for a while longer”

  5. cajunhawk

    “Wash my own dishes??!!” “Dear girl…I haven’t even used a plate in 10 years. My food is spoon fed to me by a chimp I paid very much to train. Wash my own dishes…I needed a good laugh today.”

  6. Richard Branson climaxing in public just because he can.

  7. “That rocket ship business, Daddy… You didn’t use any of my trust fund for that, did you?”

  8. “I want to work with you. Do you have a position for me?”
    “Yes. Kneel in front of me and make this expression. I’ll take it from there.”

  9. K-tron

    “And then he said ‘please don’t kill me, I have children’, but Elon wanted the pelt, and you know how much he loves to show off around Bill.”

  10. Doesn’t Holly know that it’s her job as an heiress to whore around like Paris Hilton? Where’s the sex tape? Where’s the reality show? The upskirts? Get with the program, young lady.

  11. K-tron

    “No, seriously Dad, that’s what minimum wage is!”

  12. dennis

    Showing his daughter his “O” face. That’s one close family.

  13. Bishop

    *Donkey Laugh*

  14. Little Tongue

    Daddy? Do you think I’m pretty?

  15. “Daddy, what does minimum wage mean?”

  16. “Dad, you really ought to go get those molars looked at…”

  17. Slappy Magoo

    The richer you are, the more you can afford to look like a jackass in public. Literally.

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