1. Short Round

    Sorry, Kelly. I just reached my quota of restraining orders for the year. You’ll have to wait ’till next year. But keep trying…

  2. I don’t care how old this picture is but I believe every man on this planet would love if there were a couple of inches more on the left side of this picture.

  3. Darth Knob

    She looks good there with the touch ups, but her body doesn’t look to great now. Waaaaayyyyy overrated around here.

  4. Sooner or later, won’t Ms. Brook exhaust her supply of vintage photographs? She’s up the shit creek then without a canoe, much less a paddle.

  5. OK guys, I have a plan. I will need some of you to take one for the team in getting by her Hercules of a boyfriend.
    Who’s in???

  6. Kind of like a rock band that keeps putting out greatest hits Albums.

  7. Please refer to my Kelly Brook post from yesterday…

  8. George P Burdell

    I think those News of the World people hacked high school cell phone. But I love still love her.

  9. Just as I envisioned it.

  10. Stinky

    Her only claim to fame is her ability to use a tripod and post pics to Instagram. I fear we are not far from the time when universities offer classes.

  11. anonymous

    What’s the star censorship for? Kim Kardashian in a bikini bottom shows more ass crack than that and there’s never a star.

  12. anonym

    these are her old playboy pictures.

  13. Bishop

    Is the ass end cropped off because it’s a selfie she took during butt secks?

  14. I’m so glad we live in a society where men don’t pose like this.
    Come to think of it, “put some pants on, bitch.”
    There. Equality. Are you happy now?

  15. eh

    The picture is cropped! Now we’ll never know which black guy is taking her from behind. Ray J, is that you?

  16. It never ceases to amaze me how easily her beauty can amaze me.

  17. ricky

    i would lick that ass all night !

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