1. Cock Dr

    Don’t let the goofy messenger distract: circus animals do lead horrible lives.

  2. dah

    her nails don’t match…what a slag

  3. It had to be said

    Bikini = FAIL. If you care, get naked, otherwise your just half-assing it.

  4. Look at that crowd she drew.

  5. whiskeyafternoon

    I’d rather wear bikinis and paint than wear fur. Very weak. What’s next? I’d rather wear wool pants and a heavy coat in the summertime than wear fur?

  6. Abby Normal

    Her tits? They’rrrrrre GREAT!

  7. Asoto

    WTF? This is not how cows use to look.

  8. And she’s watching us all with the eye…of the tiger.

  9. Brad Hallston

    Ahh what one can create with a petri dish, ke$ha, a tranny, and a tiger cub.

  10. Nice shoes, gay Tony the Tiger.

  11. adolf hitler

    shes not fully nude. whatta loser.

  12. cagster

    Circuses…”They’re Grrrrreat!”

  13. Do_Freebird

    Teddy Roosevelt would have shot her between the eyes and made of rug out of her.

  14. caps

    Lady Gaga is running out of costume ideas.

  15. Ismoss

    Because you refused to get naked and wore the shitty underwear I just kicked my cat.

  16. PuppyD

    I thought PETA was just anti-animal use? Are they protecting accurate spelling now, too?

  17. grobpilot

    These PETA assholes! If they want to be taken seriously, the women really need to start showing the goods, not this partially covered up shit.

  18. chainsawbuzzkill


  19. tlmck

    We must apologize to all the wild animals for this.

  20. dotmatrix

    How is it that PETA can draw so many A-list celebrities to their cause, seemingly at will?

  21. BigDaddy

    Is that a man? What’s wrong with her right ankle?

  22. cc

    Circuses – smart animals doing stupid tricks for ignorant people.

  23. Nug

    Me-ow my eyes.

  24. The Critical Crassness

    PETA= “People Eating Their Animals”.

  25. Area Man

    Hey, are those leather shoes? And I wonder if her mascara has animal by-porducts in it.

  26. Tiger-toe > Camel-toe.

  27. Cardinal Fang

    Does she realize the damage she is doing to the grass? How many small bugs died because she’d trodden all over them?

  28. Brennan Haley

    She’s right, get rid of the tigers and put HER in the show. I’d volunteer to help, but it won’t be my head I put in her mouth, tee hee.

  29. Brooke

    I responded in a similar way when I heard about the new Thundercats show.

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