1. Cock Dr

    That’s a gay man’s wet dream right there.

  2. Big Jim


  3. It had to be said

    (a) I thought his name was Shriver now. (b) I thought we all agreed that the family shouldn’t be bothered when the Dad is the tool.

  4. whiskeyafternoon

    clearance sale! $1 gropes! learned from a master!

  5. internet police

    Would fuck.

  6. adolf hitler

    needs more lemon pledge

  7. he looks like someone just said to him WHO IS YOUR DADDY AND WOT DOZ HE DU!

  8. blonde

    Patrick looks off in to the distance and sees his father gleefully pushing his half-brother on the swings. Squeals of laughter are carried through the air. Depression sets in.
    A murder-suicide to follow.

  9. devilsrain

    he should get on the roids now, he could be a big superstar in a year

  10. MrsWrong

    Totally not gay…today is opposite day, right?

  11. “Oh haaaaiiii.”

  12. Steelerchick

    What a nice gay face he has.

  13. Sorry, dude. My Dad is a bit of a dick too.

  14. Brennan Haley

    “Hey buddy, whatcha got in there, a dead cat or something?”

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