1. It had to be said

    She got the carpal tunnel syndrome giving hand . . . I mean, casting for TV work, right?

  2. Siloporcen7

    She needs to stop tanning/protect the neck skin

  3. Abby Normal

    You know you’ve got it made when you’re job description reads simply, “Look hotter than Snooki.”

  4. Just because you pump John Leguizamo’s chest full of helium it doesn’t make him a chick.

  5. Richard McBeef

    1000X hotter than anyone else on that show.

  6. Milf

    Because Florence needed class.

  7. BigDaddy

    Elephant toe.

  8. Amy

    “Let me tug this shirt down a little further and maybe some of these foreign people will finally pay attention to me.”

  9. So much hawt in this picture, but it’s the swatch dangling off the cuff-thing that drove me to fap.

  10. The Critical Crassness

    Fish is going for the “Daily Double” with the “Jersey Shore” guidettes. Where is JWoww’s dog?Did Snooki eat it too?

  11. Brennan Haley

    So she spits it into the bottle afterwards, and whatever misses gets caught in her pant cuffs. So how many times did it take to work that out? Thirty seven!!

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