1. Cock Dr

    How does he do that?
    And why?

  2. Michelle

    Zac Efron sure has big hair.

  3. It had to be said

    Heat Miser sucks.

  4. Jon Hex

    “Calm down, Jared. It’s just my mom.”

  5. KC

    Absolutely nothing in this picture doesn’t scream “huge douchebag.”

  6. The Pope of Cleveland

    The gauntlet has been thrown down, Pattinson.

  7. Deacon Jones

    Robert Downey, circa 80′s anyone?

    Plastic tubes and pots and pans
    Bits and pieces (and)
    Bits and pieces (and)

    (Bits of) my creation–Is it real?
    It’s my creation–I do not know
    No hesitation–No heart of gold
    Just flesh and blood–I do not know

    From my heart and from my hand
    Why don’t people understand
    My intentions . . . . Oooh, weird . . . .
    Weird science!!

  8. LJ

    Maybe he’s on the set of “Eraserhead II”…

  9. Tanzarian

    Try getting a reservation at Dorsia now you stupid fucking bastard!

  10. Siloporcen7

    The next big lesbian hairstyle since the Bieber

  11. DKNY

    His music is so good (30 Seconds to Mars) but his fashion style is so awful. Wtf dude?

  12. Jenny with a Y

    Seriously, Jared, you really don’t need to hide the erection – your hair is ridiculous enough that no one will notice.

  13. hbw

    Looks like someone had a fun night with the boys.

  14. Anon

    You’re doing the “Edward” wrong.

  15. Meh

    Looks like he just got flashed Snooki’s cooch.

  16. Krissy

    I don’t care how good he looks for his age. That hairstyle is something no man nearing 40 should have. Hell, Justin Bieber looks at that, and even HE thinks it’s a horrible hairdo.

  17. Whatcha know, dat Hermione chick does look prettier with the boy cut.

  18. Shorty80

    He looks like he’s filming a Twilight spoof.

  19. Holy crap, he’s a Super Saiyan. He must have wished on the Dragon balls to keep himself relevant.

  20. blonde

    He needs more sparkle.

  21. Do_Freebird

    Eraserhead reboot?

  22. Ismoss

    Now he knows why they say dont piss on the third rail.

  23. Zombie Jesse Owens

    You go, sassy gay Inspector Gadget!

  24. Trench Coat Makers

    dry cleaners love this guy.

  25. Arzach

    Sigourney Weaver looks rejuvenated with that outfit

  26. Plankton

    You know you’ve reached a low point in your career when you’re trying to look like Robert Pattinson to get attention

  27. Note to self, never go full Super Saiyan in Paris.

  28. Alex

    he’s like a gayer Robert Pattinson

  29. MrsWrong

    Are all of you so wrapped up in his hair you don’t see he’s pulling a 2-handed jerk-off in public???

  30. Lynx

    Almost 40, Sure doesn’t look it! He’s doing something right.

  31. Colin

    Emilio Estevez on the set of D4: The Mighty 3D Ducks?

  32. cc

    KD Lang looks suprisingly young.

  33. The Bargoyle

    Wandering the streets in his Church Lady garb??!?! Someone please get Dana Carvey the help he needs!!

  34. sparkymcgee

    His eyes are so close together. I wonder if they’re migrating to one side of his head. Like a flounder.

  35. Mandi

    I’m glad he has so much hair for 40 or whatever, but this is not ok.

  36. JB

    Looks like he’s trying out for a live action DragonBall Z flick.

  37. I thought this was going to be another sex tape and I almost didn’t click it.

  38. Brennan Haley

    She blinded me – with SCIENCE!!

  39. stepnie

    Did I miss something? Did Robert Pattinson face-lift Jared Leto? Or did Leto scalp Pattinson? This must be carefully handled, the balance of adolescent females must not be disturbed.

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