1. Coyote

    Yes, yes I would.

  2. whiskeyafternoon

    Despite knowing what grisly reality lies underneath, this dress really temps one into desiring to unbutton it.

  3. adolf hitler

    hit n quit

  4. I’d carry the hell out of her grocery bag.
    (What do you want guys I’m married. My fantasies are pretty basic.)

  5. Arzach

    I’d hit that … repeatedly

  6. Something about this picture screams “Fear and Loathing with Olive Oil”.

  7. MrsWrong

    I think this papparazzo just found some film from 1996

  8. GuyLeDouche

    on a wet Tuesday night in Bucharest with a broken TV and plenty of vodka…yeah, why not?

  9. cc

    That’s definitely a bend her over and lift it up…who the hell has time for that many buttons?

  10. The Critical Crassness

    I guess today she is shooting the female character’s scenes in her porno flick. Yesterday, she apparently was the guy, very versatile, KiKi!

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