1. Alex

    You talking to that harlot? Are you? I all ready “told” you once, bitch. You wanna look like a racoon? Wanna live that DareDevil fantasy for real, bitch?

  2. Raerae

    “Listen, I don’t care how you off the bitch as long as it looks like an accident.

  3. S

    “He said the ocean was cold but, seriously, it’s been like THIS for 6 years. This is gonna pay off after 6 years, right?”

  4. DeucePickle

    She’s hot

  5. Nug

    Bennifer sitting at home watching actual working actors on TV. Jen wants to change the channel…

    Jen: “Where’s the controller?”
    Ben: “She’s sitting beside me.”

    …and scene.

  6. “He fell down a flight of stairs.”

  7. cc

    So, your saying next time rotate my upper body more and lift my right heel? Got it.

  8. The Critical Crassness

    “In other news, despite reports to the contrary, Jennifer Garner is not pregnant, nor does she expect to be in the near future, now that Ben Affleck has found “relaxation” drinks and demands one with every meal. Ms Garner is quoted as saying,”Those drinks put you to sleep faster than any of Ben’s movies ever will.”.

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