1. Jill_Ess

    Hmph? He’s in Monaco so as far as I’m concerned, he’s #winning.

  2. Hey Bobby Ewing it’s been a long time…

  3. Matty

    Just seconds after this was taken he went straight in for a boob grab.

  4. KC

    Khloe really needs to stop with the nipple flashes.

  5. perv

    The head on that statue is too big for the body. Photoshopped.

    • Cock Dr

      I don’t think it’s shopped. It’s just absolutely horribly out of proportion & wrong.

      • Steelerchick

        It looks more like he was photoshopped into the picture. He was actually in Atlantis at the time of the picture.

  6. why is he wearing clogs? is this all a dream too?

  7. The Pope of Cleveland

    “Can…can I keep this?”

  8. DKNY

    Alan Thicke’s twin?

  9. Nice to see him attending The Man From Atlantis retrospective.

  10. Over ten layers of sadness were used in compositing this picture.

  11. Phukaduck

    The Man from Atlantis thought it was a mermaid and he started sporting fish wood.

  12. Username

    “Is that statue missing a leg? I’ll make a perfect replacement”

  13. Ismoss

    Put the glasses back on Duff that aint Victoria Principle.

  14. Nug

    Wow, that’s a pretty accurate sculpture of him!

  15. Mark B

    “Heh, well, my great great grandpappy used to own a bitch that looked like dis here golden negra”.

  16. MrsWrong


  17. cc

    If it comes alive like the figuredhead on Sinbad’s ship, I am going to be REALLY scared.

  18. The Critical Crassness

    Sadly, standing next to a statue with bare breasts is the only way Bobby Ewing can get a little boob, now-a-days.

  19. There are three boobs in this picture… can you find them?

  20. bethy

    He was kind enough to pose for this on his shift break from the E.R….or Neil’s House of Clogs.

  21. blonde

    I sure do miss “Step by Step.”

  22. sexyman48

    After years of surgery, Suzanne Somers has completely solidified.

  23. dontlooknow

    When did Whoopie Goldberg pose for that statue?

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