1. Robb7

    She obviously won the anorexia nervosa award.

  2. EricLR

    We thought we had seen bad stuff in the War…until the day we liberated Dachau.

  3. Wow, she lost a lot of weight. She looks great. She should wear the hair down.

  4. pigglywiggly

    If you haven’t eaten in the last 30 days raise your hand.

  5. She is pretty cute and cleaned herself up well after Paris and managed to not be annoying like the fucking Kardashians.

  6. Natty Ice

    Went from Hollywood Bad Girl to just, Bad Dressed.

  7. oh boy, she’s lookin a little bobble head-ish. hope she isnt starving herself again

  8. Spending most of her time tucked away from the public eye in eating disorder wards helps keep her public appearances fresh and exciting.

  9. Ears. Many ears.

  10. She looks like a taxi with its doors open.

  11. I’ve heard her throw up in a restaurant bathroom before. Looks like it’s still working.

  12. JasonH

    She’s cute, but looks like she’s starving herself again. Shame. I thought she had turned things around.

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