1. PathosAvenger

    He’s “bending it” in his mind right now.

  2. Frank Burns

    “So, these blokes bounce a ball instead of kicking one around . . . bloody intriguing it is!”

  3. “Which one shall I adjust? The left one or the right one? Hmmmm.”

  4. ThisWillHurt

    The finger on the nose is code for “I fancy the one currently dribbling the ball now. Fetch him.”

  5. I bet he’s pondering a career change. Unlike on the football pitch, here it’s okay for your fingers to smell like balls.

  6. Swearin

    “Nope, still sober”

  7. “Another 50 bucks says he eats it!”

  8. Mike Foxtrot

    Two seconds earlier he was fondling his balls again.

  9. pigglywiggly

    If he lost his ability to speak ever, he’d be perfection.

  10. “Which one is this ‘La Bronze’ person I keep hearing about?”

  11. OUI

    Oh my how the tables turn on this website when it’s a ridiculously hot guy we’re looking at instead of a 22 year old in a bikini.

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