1. B&WMinstrel

    Embracing his inner knacker

  2. Ugly fucking tattoos.

  3. These photogs think I’m straight ..hahahaha

  4. pigglywiggly

    Nice pigtails fuckface!

  5. Do you think anyone will realize we were the ones to beat the hell out of Richard Simmons and then throw him in the Tar Pits?

  6. yea he’s a douche…but my god he makes my giny tingle.

  7. jenn

    “I hope she doesn’t notice I’ve borrowed her headband.”
    “I hope he doesn’t try to return my headband after getting his stink all over it.”

  8. Schadenfreude

    Yoga institute now offering “Yoga for assholes”.

  9. “So I fookin’ tell Samuel L. fookin’ Jackson, ‘I got you a fookin’ Biblical quote right fookin’ here, and I fookin’ pull out me fookin’ Bible, and I fookin’ tell him to fookin’ check out fookin’ Ezekiel 25:17…”

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