1. Now this is a fucking sexy woman. Look at that shape. It’s perfect.

  2. “Siri? I forgot how to walk.”

  3. More like “Siri, how long until my inevitable public meltdown?”

  4. “Mmm… I love the smell of a new iphone!”

  5. this is the best ive seen her look in awhile

  6. Please pick up a copy of my new book, “Why High School Musical Chicks Still Give Me Raging Hard-Ons (Or, How Yoga Pants Saved The World).” Available now for a fixed price in iBookstore.

  7. cc

    I tell ya, whatever extra fat there was in those butt cheeks has been thoroughly vanquished.

  8. Skeeter

    She’s a favorite of mine. I’d pay top dollar to eat and bang her anus. I bet it’s fantastic.

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