1. I have the same bikini!

  2. Batu Khan

    Looks skinny. No wonder she floats. Or she’s a witch…

  3. Phoenix

    This beauty should honestly have every one of Sophia VeCharro’s (“Coochie, coochie!”) spokeswoman jobs!

    Not only can she speak clear and understandable English with no annoying nanny voice, she’s also ten times better looking. Unfortunately for Victoria, she’s not a “professional minority” and that’s more important to advertisers in spokesmodels these days than, ya know, speaking!.

  4. Plain as vanilla. I don’t see anything special about her.

  5. Apparently she knows her way around tubes.

  6. Those are the best pool noodles. Costco, baby!

  7. I thought this was Katie Holmes looking human for a second.

  8. JasonH

    She’s attractive but doesn’t act like a total slut. She’s intelligent and talented. What’s not to like?

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