1. dontkillthemessenger

    There’s about 700 things going on in this picture and none of them include a bra.

    Well done.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    Posing with a “fan” named Nick and sucking on a sour patch kid.

  3. Batu Khan

    Looking for a guy called Nick. Any guy. I’ll just call him Nick…. Love meeeee!

  4. She’s morphing into Bieber.

  5. still lookin’ good, kimmy?


  6. Ooh, I love charades!

    Ok, lemme guess…uh, nick duck slut?

    Is that it, it’s Nick Duck Slut, isnt’ it?

  7. JC

    I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation, but why did somebody cut her torso into three pieces and then stick them back together?

  8. #ducklips, #brigitte nielson hair, #ribcage incisions

  9. Holy shit! She’s going Amanda Bynes on us! RUN!

    • Batu Khan

      You can’t be a chipmunk and not go nuts. Let’s hope she makes a sex tape to get back at Billy Ray, Liam, or both. We’ll call it therapy.

  10. pigglywiggly

    The next time somebody asks Miley if she wants to play Operation, I hope she makes sure they’re refering to the board game.

  11. anonymous

    There’s your #1, Maxim. LOL, you guys suck at picking.

  12. Dead-on Amanda Bynes impression

  13. If you follow them all the way to the top, she has a tattoo of an arrowhead and the phrase “Food goes here.”

  14. Vlad

    I always thought the autopsy was performed after the person died?

  15. Truk

    I seriously can’t tell her apart from justin bieber anymore.

  16. Just_As_it_IS

    Now THIS is what I threw out the window, Get it now??

  17. In a strange way she looks kind of hot.

    • I don’t know if she’s hot enough for any sort of long term commitment, but she’s pretty damn close to hot enough for a night of playing hide the salami.

  18. CK

    Just… just retarded.

  19. lily

    nothing will fix that BEAT face

  20. .While she is distracted making a stupid face for the camera,The kid on her left uses this opportunity to stare at her tits.

  21. Yoda Mann

    Time to face facts, girls. She’s a moron. But you all or so pathetic that you’re still commenting on her.

    Oh, wait…. Damn

  22. bbiowa

    Does she have a carapace WTF is that?

  23. Tom Cruise's Magical Penis

    remember the 80s? When women with haircuts and wardrobes like this were usually found dead of heroin overdoses? Where have all the good times gone?

  24. Swearin

    Why does she looks like a male cast member of Jersey Shore? Should we start calling her Miley C?

  25. Mook

    Man, the new ads for Barbie toys are getting weird.

  26. tlmck

    Looks like her cutting has gotten creative.

  27. Whatever

    Paging Nick Jonas?

  28. Any way I could time things to correspond where she sees this pic and when I can buy Botox stock?

  29. Dave

    She is the ultimate butterface

  30. elephantman

    At least the TOOF is covered!

  31. Well it’s nice to see her use a knuckle guard and show the world how she does the side way blowjob on her dads cock.

  32. I knew she’d be a Nickelback fan.

    Somehow … I just *knew*.

  33. Herman Bumfudle

    #goofy |O|! i never knew what it was t to laugh . i don’t laugh, i smile. its a fatal world.

  34. She looks so naughty, I’ll bet she absolutely insists on sucking the dick that just came out of (well…and into) her ass.

  35. That’s how she likes to play Donkey Punch 64.

  36. I think this is the look she’s going for, but she lost her helmet

  37. linbo

    Bah ha ha!! Check out the nose!! Miley, purty you ain’t.

  38. She has the fucked face of a pugilist

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