1. ThisWillHurt

    “Hey remember that part in ‘Good Day to Die Hard’ where I-”
    “We didn’t see it.”

  2. “All I’m saying is that Sam allows me to use the N word… We’re cool like that”

  3. EricLR

    Look lady, I don’t mean to scare you, but some German asshole made us come to this event, and if you don’t play along, he’s about to blow the whole place up.

  4. Emily is fucking gorgeous.

  5. pigglywiggly

    That’s not Seal?

  6. Frank Burns

    Called up from retirement, “The Mod Squad” reunites, with the team infiltrating a Vermont Parent-Teacher Association meeting to see who is leaving pissy notes about the quality of the brownies at the last school bake sale.

  7. JuJuBoogie

    “Listen Bruce-I know I promised to come home with you, but I am leaving with Idi Amin…I just have a good feeling about him.”

  8. “Really?! ‘Jim’ from The Office? Are you shitting me?”

  9. BRUCE “So, we’re down with three some, but we’re gonna need you to shave your head”
    SAM “We like it smooooth….”

  10. There’s a black guy next to me, what do I do?

    It’s okay, he is rich and famous, he won’t harm you.

  11. “Hey Baby, you remind me of someone. Someone who used to make fun and torment me when I was just starting out as this no-one on a TV Show and she was this big time Movie Star. Yeah, I wonder what ever happened to that blonde bitch. Now get me and Sammy L. a couple cold ones.

  12. Mojo rising

    Her thought bubble “hold breath until he’s done talking. Dude get a mint!”

  13. “Do you recognize the black man to your left?”
    “Is it Seal?”
    “Aint’ this a mutha fucka!”
    “Oh! Samuel L Jackson! I meant to say Samuel L Jackson.”

  14. “No- that isn’t Al Roker on your left and yes- they all look alike.”

  15. alex

    How cool would it be to get to hang with Bruce and Sam? Off the charts. If I were in her shoes right now I’d be talking Pulp!

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