1. those just might be the worst looking bolt-ons on EARTH. wow.

  2. Soccer balls on soccer balls is kind of redundant.

  3. Ralph


  4. Ronaldo

    Such a classy lady. Never disappoints

  5. Is this the only place in Berlin where you’re allowed to take pictures?

  6. cc

    *sits glumly and looks at screen

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    That doesn’t look healthy.

  8. I want someone to explain how they got the soccer balls under the skin for this photo.

  9. pete

    She needs to go back and get a better wax job.

  10. Jentilly

    Even her skin looks plasticky

  11. renotastic

    “Call me PayLay.”

  12. Poster girl for bolt-on fail.

  13. Topless and covered in black and white balls. Donald Sterling must be pissed.

  14. Damn, those are trippy looking nipples.

  15. PassingTrue

    Soccer? Hardly know her.

  16. Definitely a dude.

  17. Please stop posting pictures of this thing

  18. They don’t even look like they’re bolted on. They look like an ad for duct tape.

  19. “World Cup themed photo shoot.” I like how they’re pretending there’s a visual concept and art direction thing going on here, and not just a hack photographer with a digicam and a business card that reads “Bits on Tits.”

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