1. “Do you want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?”

  2. Donald Sterling

    One day, a mob of dead bodies will rise from their graves and finally drag Angelina Jolie down to Hell for all eternity–ridding the world of her evil presence once and for all.

    And this will be the one grabbing her left shoulder.

  3. Top teeth white. Bottom row, tapioca.

  4. “Hey Laura! You heard that Ben Harper, Billy Bob Thornton and Jeff Goldblum just formed a Taylor Swift cover band?!!”

  5. Ronaldo

    Brain fart?

  6. I can’t imagine why Ben Harper left her.

  7. They making another Scream sequel?

    • Johnny Barbells

      holy shit… the mask from ‘scream’ is a take off of the painting ‘the scream’ …i JUST got that!!! (no sarcasm…i literally just put that together)

  8. In deep thought, no doubt.

  9. PassingTrue

    Okay, now re-enact the scene where Sam Neil turns your head and you see the dinosaur.

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